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Meet Our Commercial Banking Officers:


Your business is part of a quickly changing market. As a franchise owner, you deal with trends that come and go, or rapidly shifting customer tastes, and your industry has very concentrated competition. You need a team that understands the issues you face and can offer the appropriate tool for the task. Our team of experienced bankers can help with finance needs as well as wealth management and treasury services. We offer the tools and expertise to execute a strategy for today’s needs, and a plan for the future.

Sandra McCraren

847-432-2488 | smccraren@wintrust.com

Lori Christensen

Senior Vice-President
847-432-2399 | lchristensen@wintrust.com

Sean Willison

Vice President
847-295-4272 | swillison@wintrust.com

Melissa Reed

Commercial Banking Officer
847-432-2394 | mreed@wintrust.com

Evan Bossard

Senior Vice President, Credit
847-266-2141 | ebossard@wintrust.com